I spoke with a student about Nitrogen fixing legumes and how they help the soil. He was really amazed. It was easy for him to see the logic of this sustainable method of agriculture.
Jonathan Bame

Feed Communities is an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization founded with the vision of supporting and expanding local food systems as a means of cultivating durable solutions for food insecurity.  

We work with individuals, organizations, local government and foundations to create sustainable partnerships for increasing access to healthy foods. 

We facilitate food system efficiencies by preventing the duplication of similar services, supporting our program partners who are already doing great work and then identifying potential program partners to fill in any gaps as needed.

Youth Strategies' social enterprises engage students dealing with barriers and helps them Believe in themselves, Achieve academic & career success, and Become productive citizens.

We work in collaboration with businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, and governmental agencies to develop the leadership potential in young people. We also address barriers to personal growth for at-risk youth. Youth Strategies has developed a youth leadership model for all students as well as providing job training, job placement, and employment opportunities for high risk youth. We utilize mentors, training workshops, character based content, and a unique entrepreneurial model for youth development.

Jonathan Bame

Jonathan C. Bame was born in Rogers, AR, graduated from Roger High School in 2006 and the University of Arkansas in 2010. He began gardening with Head Start in 2009 via the Fayetteville High School Service-Learning Program where he served as Co-Coordinator. He interned at Ozark Alternatives Farm, a vegetable farm that is Certified Naturally Grown, where he developed and managed a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) arrangement so as to market the produce from the farm. In his free time he raises Free-Range Chickens and practices Vermiculture (worm composting) as well as Black Soldier Fly Larvae composting for chicken feed. He is very interested in Aquaponics, the cooperative production of fish and vegetables, and hopes to begin experimenting with it very soon. He now serves Bright Field Middle School in Bentonville, AR via the Arkansas Gardencorps and Americorps.

Feed Communities

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