Thrive’s mission is to design opportunity in an effort to increase economic mobility and decrease rural brain drain. Located in Helena, AR, staff at Thrive have worked diligently over the last five years to develop a multidisciplinary approach to community and economic development. As a part of this methodology, Thrive operates a number of community-driven initiatives in Helena and Phillips County and offers creative services to entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations throughout the Delta region.


Nearly three years ago, Thrive took a significant leadership role in rehabilitating a downtown urban garden called the Helena Community Garden (HCG). The space, which takes up over half of a city block in downtown Helena, was developed a number of years ago. However, the project failed to create any long-term success and was ended before any potential could be achieved, which left the garden to fall into a state of disrepair from lack of use. Much work has happened since Thrive became operators of the HCG, and after a good deal of time investment and the forming of new partnerships with organizations such as UAMS East and the Helena Health Foundation, the HCG has now returned to a state of usability and is ready for another attempt at success.




John Fewkes

John Fewkes has done a lot of different things through his 59 years, but one thing has always been a constant - gardening. John brings his knowledge and experience to the Helena Community Garden and is ready to share it with all who enter the garden gate. John especially enjoys the challenge of enlightening children about nutrition along with the fun and rewards of gardening.

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