"In March, the Faulkner County Extension Service hosted two workshops at Independent Living Services (ILS). I successfully hosted the first workshop utilizing one of the curriculum boxes that I created for my office. Despite being the first time we've hosted this soil painting lesson, it went off without a hitch. Everyone enjoyed the lesson and many beautiful paintings were created. It was amazing to watch the clients of ILS enjoy themselves while learning about different types of soil."

- Samantha Gullion, The People Tree/North LIttle Rock Community Farm Service Member

October 2014 SamGullion NLRCF ARGC Bio Pic

Samantha Guillion

Samantha Gullion is a native born Arkansan. She graduated from the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts in 2008 and went on to gain a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography from Hendrix College in 2012. Samantha has been gardening with her grandparents since a young age, but developed her love of agriculture through her studies of food politics and sustainability at Hendrix. She understands that the food you consume directly affects your health and believes that everyone should have access to healthy, locally grown food. Samantha also believes that the disconnect between what people eat and how it is produced is the cause for many of the issues surrounding food in the twenty-first century. These beliefs led her to a six month volunteer service with Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR followed by a year volunteering as an Americorps VISTA. She is excited to work with the NLR High School EAST students and the surrounding community to develop the NLR Community Farm into a self-sustaining entity.


The People Tree, Inc. (TPT) is a non-profit corporation founded in September 2010, exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. TPT works with individuals, local governments, school districts and universities, community-based organizations, corporations, and religious institutions to create societal systems which are economically, environmentally, and socially equitable and just. TPT believes community-based systems of agriculture, economics, education, governance, and wellness are the best approach to facilitating the adoption of societal systems which seek the best interests of all involved parties without pursuing one individual's, group of individuals' or corporation's interest over another's.

TPT will be collaborating with the NLRHS EAST Initiative to 1) develop and maintain a School Farm at NLRHS East Campus, 2) document the process of development of the farm for benefit of incubating customized garden/farm projects at every other school within the district, and 3) develop a Resource Hub/Cooperative to support the sustainability and productivity of the school farms and other local community gardens and urban farms. 

Partners include but not limited to: 

NLR Fit 2 Live

University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension

Regions Bank

University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service

NLR Chamber of Commerce

Kevin Haggerty

Kevin grew up with a fascination for the outdoors, which he developed in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. This love for the environment, coupled with a passion for environmental ethics, developed while studying German and Philosophy at Lewis and Clark College, brought Kevin to the natural state of Arkansas where he volunteered with Heifer International at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville Arkansas. There Kevin spent his first few months as an educator, working to empower youth to take action against hunger and poverty internationally and in their own communities. After this, Kevin dug in as a fulltime volunteer in Heifer’s organic garden helping to run their CSA, facilitate garden educational programs, and at the same time worked to transform the Ranch’s neglected terraced garden into a productive supplier of fresh produce for the local Perry County food bank. Currently Kevin is serving with the People Tree and the North Little Rock High School EAST Initiative where he is excited to build both gardens and communities from the ground up.

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