"It's good to see others getting into gardening!"

- Terre Traylor, Mansfield High School Service Member

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Terre Traylor

Hello my name is Terre Traylor and I am the site member for Mansfield High School in Mansfield, AR.  This is my first year in Arkansas Garden Corps and I’m really excited to be a member. I am a special needs bus driver for the school and have been for 9 yrs. which is my primary job. I attend to the green house and garden in between routes and on weekends.  I have been married for 19 yrs. to my lovely  husband, Ray who somehow has put up with me that long I also have two sons Will, whose is a senior this year and my youngest Oren who is a 3rd grader. I have not been to school for gardening but my family has had gardens so often that I like to grow my own veggies. I learn something new every day when it comes to gardening and life.


The Mansfield School garden boasts a new high-tunnel greenhouse, a garden area and a small vineyard. These items were installed over the past year and are in their early stages. Our team member will be busy helping to increase capacity and complete the design of the space. With the support of our Farm to School team, the team member will also be working to bring a focus on nutrition education to each K-12 classroom. They will also help with taste tests, garden tours and special programs designed to increase the students' exposure to fresh, local produce. The member will help to implement community education programs and work to develop a collaborative relationship between the district and community members.

Thursday the 17th. .