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The garden program at Mabelvale Middle School has been in production for five years and is overseen by one site supervisor and one service member. The program focuses on delivering garden based education and providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for Mabelvale students, faculty, and staff.

Several environmental science classes routinely visit the garden and help maintain and grow the produce. During these classes students can pick and eat any ripe produce that is available at the time. The classes also learn about cooking the produce they harvest during taste tests. During the spring and occasionally in the fall and winter, students also participate in a school farmer's market, where they sell fruit, vegetables, and herbs to parents and staff.

The garden at Mabelvale is made up of three garden plots and one greenhouse with four raised beds totaling about one acre of land. Our greenhouse is located in the back parking lot between the school building and the sports fields, while the garden is located in a courtyard area inside the gates of the school and is no more than a one minute walk from the greenhouse. The main garden has forty beds total and the greenhouse has four raised beds.

Next to the main garden plot is a pen that hosts two goats and several chickens. The students help take care of the animals and collect eggs while learning about the different ways livestock can be useful in the garden.

Alyssa Barnes 2016 ARGC profile pic

Alyssa Barnes

Alyssa graduated from Henderson State University with a B.S in biology and a minor in chemistry. There she spent 3+ years conducting and presenting phytochemical research on a previously unstudied pasture weed. She was later given the opportunity to intern at the University of Arkansas research farm, where she did horticultural research on cover crops. In college she began making and selling herb infused, all natural body products, and continues to be totally in love with herbs and plants of all kinds. Alyssa is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve Mabelvale Middle School and take part in their farm to school initiatives.


Travis Delongchamp

Travis serving his third year with Arkansas GardenCorps, and second full year at Mabelvale Middle School. He has always enjoyed gardening and being in the outdoors, and loves sharing that passion with others. He hopes that through the garden, students will learn to appreciate nature rather than dismiss or fear it.


Kristy Brownell

Kristy Brownell graduated in 2011 from Ursinus College with a BA/BS in Anthropology and Psychology.  This is her second year serving as an AmeriCorps member at MMMS.  She loves working outside in the garden with students and cooking DGS recipes in class.

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