Feed Communities is an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization founded with the vision of supporting and expanding local food systems as a means of cultivating durable solutions for food insecurity.

We work with individuals, organizations, local government and foundations to create sustainable partnerships for increasing access to healthy foods.

We facilitate food system efficiencies by preventing the duplication of similar services, supporting our program partners who are already doing great work and then identifying potential program partners to fill in any gaps as needed.

Andi-K-and-Emily-English--RE-BakerChecking-out-the-raised-beds--Cooper Mercy-Farmacy-Garden

Andi-K Heart

Andi-K Heart is a service member for RE Baker and Cooper Elementary. Cooper has also partnered with Mercy Health Services and Bella Vista trail ways. Her background is in Child development, Healing herbs, Fresh Food preparation, and uniting Community. She believes our future is best experienced and understood through eating whole foods.

She manages a CSA and has partnered with local farms to get healthy, local, in-season food options to the tables of her community. Her partnership with ‘Americorp’ will give her a chance to teach the ‘Heart of the Matter’ to our children and community. Which will include the importance of quality air flow, water intake, adequate nutrients, physical strength, partnerships, networking, collaboration, and loving kindness. We are much like a plant. If we learn the needs of plants and direct that same attention to our selves we will see a happier brighter life.

Our community is ready to learn how to prepare fresh foods and move away from prepackaged meals and she is ready to teach them.

Feed Communities

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